Attend ProfitMax 2020
for Instant Growth in
Revenue and Profit

Halfway Through the Year,
Are You Halfway to Your Goals?

Why You Should Attend

Take a Fresh Look at All the Levers that Energize Growth Now and Later

ProfitMax 2020 is NOT the usual same-old, lame-old generic business principles, nor is it a compilation of the latest hip, trendy business lingo.

You get hard-knock, knuckle-busting tools that work internally and in the marketplace. Judge for yourself. Review the agenda. Then decide to register.

It’s not for everyone; it’s for those executives and leaders who contribute to revenue and profit. We won’t be offended if you don’t sign up. But we will be thrilled to work with you if you join us.

Oh, and bring a colleague. Please.

Strong Stuff on Tap All Day

Each ProfitMax 2020 session includes:

Principles and Practices

Practical Application

Success Stories

What Do You Stand For?

It All Starts with a Powerful Positioning

Hammer out the link between your positioning in the marketplace and the price you charge for your products and services. Has your positioning responded to a rapidly evolving marketplace? Time to re-look at this crucial discipline. It’s the core from which critical decisions are made.

Tools for Profit!

Ratchet Them Together for Growth

Leverage the business fundamentals of price, volume, product/service mix, and working capital to improve business performance immediately. When applied in alignment with each other, they “buy” the breathing room to develop step-change growth over time.

Boring Numbers?

Make ‘em Sing and Dance

When you demystify financials, you wield the P&L like a ninja! Explore and understand the meaning of profit variance – and why it matters! Then unlock the hidden insights in trend analysis.

Present and Future Possibilities

Get ‘em on the Table

Plumb participant take-aways and success factors. Share common burning platform issues and roadblocks. Embrace the leverage in a multi-factor gap analysis to improve decision-making and continuous improvement. Speculate as to future possibilities.

About Nimble Leader and Drew Ortyn

Andrew ‘Drew’ Ortyn is Founder and CEO of Nimble Leader, a management consultancy focused on sustainable business transformation. A senior strategist, Drew has defined, orchestrated, facilitated and led over 25 C-Suite ‘boot camps’ with executive leadership teams both domestically and globally. His core focus:
Grow Now and Keep Growing Later!

A featured speaker at CEO and senior management roundtables, Drew has authored numerous articles on market positioning and business profitability. In collaboration with Triumph Books, he published a six volume e-book series and print volume titled Nimble Leader: Unrelenting FocusStrategy | Leadership Behavior | Results.

Drew, who is darned nice guy, holds an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management and a B.B.A., magna cum laude, from the University of Notre Dame.

A Final Offer: It’s a Gift!

No, we’re not selling one thing. Not a book, not an online course, nothing. We’re not even asking you to hire us. (It would be cool, though.)

We’re offering a no obligation, spelled FREE, assessment of your company’s gaps across critical success variables. We call it SHAPE, or STRATEGIC HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION. Leaders have used it to propel their companies forward.

Identify the Gaps!

So you don’t waste scarce cash


The Hallwayz
840 1st Avenue
Suite 400
King of Prussia, PA 19406


May 21, 2020
7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Meeting starts at 8am


Light breakfast and Lunch provided




Limited Seating. Truly.

Here’s a sampling of all the value you’ll receive:

Do More Than Get a Handle on Your Problems.

Seize the Bigger Dreams for Your Company.

A Full Day of Unsurpassed Value
Delivered in Unexpected Ways.
Grab the Growth Possibilities in ProfitMax 2020.
Don’t wait till 2021!


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