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At Nimble Leader, we fuse business strategy with behavior change across leaders and teams to create an unrelenting focus on achieving results. We do it fast!

Profit Maximization

What do you stand for? Why does it matter?

Think, analyze, discuss, act!

MARKET POSITION: the heart of every business action you take.

Profitable businesses link what they stand for in the minds of their customers – MARKET POSITION – to what they do in the areas of PRICE management, VOLUME sales, product MIX, COST expenditures, and WORKING CAPITAL management.


Align strategy with the preferences and needs of your customer.

Different perceptions between leaders and customers reveal important gaps between STRATEGY and EXECUTION. Close these gaps. Share the same sense of customer. Act with common purpose.

Generate operating profit and cash-flow to thrive and grow.

Tools for Profit™ is a framework that encourages leaders to analyze, discuss, and act upon their business in ways that substantially improve Operating Profit and Cash-Flow. This guided process establishes the critical links between your people, your customers, and business performance.


Revenue Generation

Tell the brand story only you can tell.

Do it well, sales will grow!

Your Brand Story is a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Brand Story process touches internal and external brand “owners”. Key steps include: Brand Audit, Brand Values, Target Personas, Narrative Journey to Purchase, and a Reward Statement with a desired customer experience.


Attract quality prospects to your website and landing pages.

Next, convince prospects to act. Here’s the path. Choose the right media channels; execute efficient pricing. Optimize marketing channels with rigor, analytics, and detailed tracking. Maximize profit from both eCommerce and lead generation. It’s an art and a science!

Conversion Rate Optimization. Get leads in the door and convert them to $$.

Find what is preventing website visitors from making a purchase. Then, fix it! Achieve Revenue and Profit Gains without unwanted additional work to existing teams. Through a rigorous methodology for increasing online conversions, leaders are able to optimize, automate, and scale their online businesses.

Build sales teams and their foundations to drive topline revenue.

Sales Builder believes growth is possible on a consistent and repeatable basis by focusing on accountability and discipline throughout the sales organization. Five Components drive results: Sales Strategy | Sales Process | Sales Management | Implementation | Execution.

Team Agility

Why can’t we get anything done around here?

20% of employees are disengaged (Gartner Report).
What if your organization was different?

Enable your teams to do the jobs for which they were hired.

The best business strategies will fail in execution if working teams face barriers that prevent them from doing their jobs effectively and efficiently. We help organizations succeed by identifying and removing barriers, whatever they may be.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s about your leaders and people!

The most extensive research ever conducted on workplace motivation can guide leaders to make rewarding progress happen for their people. Motivate with leadership practices that are sustainable on a daily basis. Unlock the power of small wins to build momentum across individuals and teams.

OpEx | Cost Reduction

More Throughput. Better Asset Utilization. Less Inventory. Less OpEx. Less Cycle Time. On-Time Delivery. Vendors as Partners.

Sound good to you?

Fast and Reliable Delivery Performance. Retain and attract target customers.

With effective Advanced Planning & Scheduling – leveraging the Power of Balance Manufacturing Flow – leadership teams address root causes of poor delivery; achieve an on-time edge; delight customers; and improve financial performance. Above all, you can take business away from your competitors! Click our Manufacturing Throughput Assessment to quantify your Cash Benefit NOW!


Supply Chain excellence from product concept to manufacturing to market.

Achieving high performance flow of materials and finished goods means the difference between market success and market irrelevance. Global, flexible, and interchangeable sourcing provides tangible competitiveness at the lowest landed cost for the highest quality product.

Many companies overpay suppliers 10% – 30% on a consistent basis! Unnecessary!

Stop the madness. Recover hidden cashflow from ‘numerous’ vendors through rigorous analysis and negotiation. Reduce unnecessary spend across all facets of the procurement supply chain. Put those dollars back to work in your businesses. Click our Extra Profit Assessment to quantify your savings NOW!


Digital Transformation

Reduce cost and lead times. Increase customer response!

Digitize all your data: customers, vendors, and business units.

Design, architect, and implement digital processes that work—on time, within budget.

A recent Gartner report shows two-thirds of digital initiatives fail. Avoid the gap between expectations and results. Orchestrate or accelerate your digital transformation with excellence and precision. Achieve enterprise-grade platforms, processes, and control.

Connect your machinery and production equipment with your digital backbone.

Industry 4.0 requires digitization. IoT can supercharge the trajectory of your business! Use sensor data and predictive maintenance algorithms to keep your engines humming. Data strategy – soundly implemented – will rocket your business to the next level.

Over 200,000 organizations were hacked by ransomware in 2019 (NYT).

Stop attacks from multiple threats! As more companies move data and applications to the cloud, cyber security becomes even more critical to your business continuity and success. Create the specific security policy and measures that protect your business.

Successful eCommerce is more than just selling online.

69% of all B2B businesses have weak or nonexistent eCommerce market presence. Up to 97% of eCommerce projects fail to meet their objectives. Leverage our deep domain experience and certification with 9 major eCommerce platforms. Engineered eCommerce; Delivered Smarter.